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eesense is a boutique e-marketing practice based in London and Delhi. We specialise in developing a presence for expanding enterprises that wish to punch above their weight by using the leading edge of communication techniques. We focus on SME needs: for organisation, cost control and staff mobility. 

How? By creating accessible systems for web-based email, customer relationship management, help-desks and reporting for decision support. This allows us to integrate back-end systems with our front-end promotions and so move enterprises towards realising the full benefits of Cloud Computing.

Keep an overview
The beauty of online working is that it actually makes it easier to know what is going on.
Raise your profile
Build a presence as well as a site.
Streamline Workflows
It has never been easier to organise your
Work anywhere
What does "Cloud Computing" really mean for you? That you can work from anywhere.
Stay up to date
Now it's easy to keep your site up to date; edit through an interface that looks like Word.
Read easily
Communicate your message clearly - say it with words!
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